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8 Racquets part 2
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~back to party~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       Atobe Keigo gazed at the other tennis players that gathered in mansion. The two representative from Higa had been the last to join them, in his lavished white and golden living area. (That if you liked to know had, six pure white couches, four loveseat in a gold color, and in the far corner sat four butlers with nine cooks with a large array of assorted foods.)
       Atobe’s own team, Hyotei, spread themselves out. Otori Chotaro was with his doubles partner Shishido Ryo, they shared a love seat, awkwardly smashed together so they wouldn’t fall off as they watched the rest of the tennis players. Mukahi Gakuto was with Niou Masaharu and Marui Bunta from Rikkai Dai, waving his hands widely at the large five layered, professionally made tennis themed cake. Atobe himself helped design it so everyone knew it was to fabulous. Jiro Akutagawa had gone upstairs to his own p
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8 Racquets part 1
      It was never supposed to happen like this. They had won the nationals, their dream had come true! The journey had been hard but they had done it! And they had made so many friends along the way. Atobe Keigo had even organized a party in their honor, to celebrate their victory. Most of the schools they had faced, all their new friends had planned to go. Hyotei, St. Rudolph, Fudomin, Yamabuki, Rokkaku, Shitenhoji, Higa Chuu, Josei Shonan, and even Rikkai Dai had gathered to make it one giant celebration to celebrate how far everyone had gotten and how great the year had been. Atobe had opened up one of his mansions for them, party to show off but mostly to gather all his friends and congratulate the Dream Team of Seigaku. It was going to be the party of the year, if Atobe had anything to say about it. Everything was supposed to be amazing, fantastic, wonderful… it was supposed to be everything but this, just not-not this.
       Tezuka Kunim
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Gods read PJ 17
"Great... well, there went all of your extra time!" Thalia groaned.
We had been in the Lotus Casino for five days.
We had only one day left until the summer solstice. One day to complete our quest.
"And I'm done!"
Tis new
I have an idea.
Who watches Supernatural?
Who watches Flashpoint?
Who watches both?
after watching ep 3 from Season 3of flashpoint i had an amzing crossover idea, who wants to hear it?
And would anyone be willing to help create it?
Along with a Supernatural and Cold Case crossover...
and im not gonna lie im really beging to hate my PJ story.
Think that if anyone wants to take it over i wouldnt have a problem. I'd help but i forget about it most of the time
and i kinda hate how i'm making everyone wait.
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Yellow Eyes by Moonlit-NightStars Yellow Eyes :iconmoonlit-nightstars:Moonlit-NightStars 4 26
Gods reading PJ 16 1/3
"Sooo" Apollo drawled out looking around the room.
"Whose next to read?"
Artemis smirked shoving the book at him.
"You dear brother just volentered!"
pouting Apollo grabbed the book and began.
"We Take a Zebra to Vegas"
"poor, poor zebra..." Percy murmured to himself.
The war god was waiting for us in the diner parking lot.
"Well, well," he said. "You didn't get yourself killed."
"You knew it was a trap," I said.
"Really Perce?"
"Shut up Nico."
Ares gave me a wicked grin. "Bet that crippled black smith was surprised when he netted a couple of stupid kids. You looked good on TV."
"Should we take that as a compliment?" Percy asked annabeth.
I shoved his shield at him. "You're a jerk."
"Well you didnt then, how rude." Aphrodite said carfully putting on hot pink nail polish.
Annabeth and Grover caught their breath.
Ares grabbed the shield and spun it in the air like pizza dough. It changed form, melting into a bulletproof vest. He slung it across his back.
"See that truck over there?" He p
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Remeber Harry Potter
We defended the stone, when no one saw it coming.
We found the chamber, when everyone thought it was the end.
We freed the prisoner, so the innocent had their freedom.
We were chosen by the Goblet, and witnessed evil return.
We fought with the order, and learnt of our fate.
We learned of the prince, and the dangerous road that waited a head.
We dominated the deathly hallows, and all was well.
We are the Harry Potter Generation, until the very end
-Not by NR
You can call me a nerd all you want,
I really don't care.
I know all the facts and that's, that
From who put on the sorting hat,
To where you need to go.
I have all the songs
I know all the lyrics
And I can't be prouder of that.
You say I can't miss it,
But it's been home to me for so long.
Its my childhood
And you can't change that.
I've learned my lessons,
From the books,
Not from life.
I've learned from Luna,
Not to be embarrassed to be unique,
I'm quiet proud of it now.
I'm learned from Neville,
I don't have to follow anyone els
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Gods reading Pj 14
"I believe it is time fore a break, this chapter is over." Zeus boomed.
Nico, Thalia, Annabeth and Percy followed Hermes out and into their rooms, but as the god left they all ran into Percy's room.
"Gods guys im being to miss Leo's and Jason's humor, and its almost as awkward as the time when we first joined the camps."
"Oh yeah, I was out for introduction what did you guys tell them?" Percy asked, cutting Nico off before he could start ranting.
"Just out titan war titles, nothing more. I think the books are just about our adventures during this time so I thought it be best." Annabeth explained.
"My son the hero of Olympus!" Poseidon bragged, looking insanely proud.
"You know, im more impressed that children of the big three can be in the same room together without another world war starting." Apollo announced.
"It's obvious it's because me and you (Apollo) are Percy's grandparent!" Hermes boomed with a slight insane grin.
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Something in the wind
It was warm, it was summer. The sun hung high in the sky, it was noon, and I was alone.
I sat in the grass and stared at the passing clouds, finding images that weren't there. The trees swayed with the cooling winds that flicked my hair about, and I wasn't alone anymore.
It was a boy, but I didn't look up.
Another breeze swept by, the grass tickled my bare arms and legs and he sat next to me. I could feel him staring at me but he didn't speak.
"Is something wrong?"
I asked tuning. His hair was the most interesting shade of silvery blond that ruffled and shifted oddly in the wind. He was about fourteen, my age and stared with strange silvery, white eyes. He was pale but looked at me like I was the most interesting thing in the word. How odd.
"No, you just seemed lonely."
After that, every summer day I'd go there and sit, He'd always come, we'd sit and talk about the clouds and stars, he was my best friend and I loved him. He didn't mind if I said something girlie or no
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Dear, Dear diary
Dear, dear diary
Let me tell you how I am today,
Something ended this day,
Something magical,
Something special.
There's no more waiting for me anymore,
Not for my friends as well,
There are no more movies,
Or books.
People are excited today,
To see the last one.
But afterwards it ends.
Its over.
I don't believe that.
Not really.
As long as we believe,
We can pass it down,
It won't be forgotten,
I'm not sure it can be forgotten.
But there's no more waiting for the next book,
No more waiting for a movie.
It's over now,
But not forgotten.
Dear, dear diary.
Harry Potter can't be forgotten,
His lightning bolt scar will not be erased.
Ron Weasley can't be ignored,
His bold freckles will be spotted.
Hermione Granger can't be forgotten,
Her knowledge showing threw.
And everyone else will agree,
There's no way it will fade of end,
We will carry threw.
So I must tell you.
If… we could be
As brave as Neville,
In the final battle.
If… we could be
As seeing as Luna,
In our life time.
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Long enough
You don't know what I've been threw
Don't know what I've done
Though the scars fade with time
I've done the unthinkable
Maybe the impossible
Though my life fades with time
I have survived.
You don't know my past
I have seen my future
Though my memories are fading with time
Through the battles I've fought
The people I've lost
Though my time is fading each second
I have survived
At lest…
Long enough to say goodbye.
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Gods reading PJ 11.8
Olympus laughed and I gave a soundless chuckle.
*BOOM* sounded across the land and a bright flash and a scream was heard.
Four bodies fell to the ground.
A scream of pain echoed in the throne room, the three on top of the fourth jumped scrambling to get off the screaming boy. He continued to scream in pure agony as a blond came to hold his head as two other black haired children gathered around him. The blond gentle laid his head in her lap and softly ran her fingers threw his hair as she whispered to him.
The other two looked on with worried eyes as he slowly stopped screaming, dazed sea green eyes opened for a second before closing once more, the blond panicked. Apollo was the first Olympian to unfreeze; he swiftly made his way to the strange who he thought he knew, medicine in hand.
"Dear gods and goddess,
The four Demigods before you play an important part in the war and as such I felt they should continue reading with you."
Athena read looking at her father then the four.
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11 day of september.
I went to school that day,
It was just another day,
Nothing special, nothing unique,
Just the 11th of September.
I was five, in kindergarten
I….I think it was snack time,
I had a juice.
When the shouting started down the halls,
The TV flickered, and turned on
And I trembled in my seat.
I was confused,
I was scared,
As the towers blown up in smoke
School ended early…I think.
We sat at home,
The same thing still on,
And I cried.
I didn't know them,
No did I really care,
This frightened me.
I never liked scary movies,
And I didn't understand this.
Ten years have passed by,
And it's the 11 day of September once more.
I sit….at home (It's a Sunday you know?)
And I watch,
I see pictures,
I've seen videos,
And they make me shiver.
Those men…those women
Those people!
It was just another day for them,
I imagine,
Just a day of work.
It makes me wonder…
Whose child will never know their parent/s?
Whose spouse will never say I love you once more?
Which adult will never say
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My name is... by Moonlit-NightStars My name is... :iconmoonlit-nightstars:Moonlit-NightStars 0 12 If i Die by Moonlit-NightStars If i Die :iconmoonlit-nightstars:Moonlit-NightStars 0 15 Who and how many? by Moonlit-NightStars Who and how many? :iconmoonlit-nightstars:Moonlit-NightStars 0 14
Years and years
If a million years passed
and i could only remember one thing,
I want to remember the love you gave to me.
If a thousand years came at last
and i could only remeber one thing,
i wish to remember that heart you carved on that maple tree.
If a hundred years came to fast
and i could only remeber one thing,
i want to remeber my lovely silver ring.
If fifty years came with hast
and i could only remeber one thing,
i wish to remeber our travel across the sea.
If years have come and gone with and pass much to fast
and my memories are slipping threw the cracks,
i wish to remeber our time together,
no matter how short or long
you gave me a reason to live and fight,
i just wish to remember our lives together.
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United States
I'm short, bad at spelling, have shoulder length frezzy, fluffy, mad-hattery brown hair, and blue/green eyes. oh and im in love with pretty much my ipod and everybook that is in my room.

I also love my best dogelky buddy, Lezak. Go commission her here: :iconkazelkloud:…
Tis new

I have an idea.
Who watches Supernatural?
Who watches Flashpoint?
Who watches both?
after watching ep 3 from Season 3of flashpoint i had an amzing crossover idea, who wants to hear it?
And would anyone be willing to help create it?

and im not gonna lie im really beging to hate my PJ story.
Think that if anyone wants to take it over i wouldnt have a problem. I'd help but i forget about it most of the time
and i kinda hate how i'm making everyone wait.
  • Watching: Flashpoint/Criminal Mind


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